Developers promise intense battles for the action RPG

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In the action role-playing game Godfall you can expect fast-paced and intense fights. The developer studio Counterplay Games revealed some interesting details in the latest edition of State of Play and at the same time published a trailer that is well worth seeing.

It has long been no secret that the action role-playing game Godfall will focus on a sophisticated combat system. As part of the latest edition of "State of Play", the responsible developer, Counterplay Games, revealed a few more details that we naturally do not want to withhold from you.

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Among other things, the developers discussed the use of the DualSense controller from the PlayStation 5. It should always give you the most intense haptic feedback possible – not only during combat, but also when exploring the various locations. For example, you will feel a clear difference when the hero in Godfallu moves across different surfaces. A walk across a smooth marble hallway feels different than the somewhat more arduous walk across a gravel path or deep mud. This should also and above all be noticeable during the fight and at least to some extent bring an additional physical note with it.

The adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller also play an important role. The developers can adjust their resistance as required and desired. They use this at Godfall to simulate the handling of the various weapons as authentically as possible. A quick stab with a polearm therefore requires less force to trigger than a swing with a huge two-handed hammer. By the way, it will also be possible to wield two smaller blades at the same time, which will turn you into a whirling berserk.

All of this – and a lot more – can be seen in the new gameplay trailer, which you can find below this message. By the way, there is still no specific release date for Godfall. Accordingly, the somewhat vague statement that the action role-playing game will be released later this year for the PC and PlayStation 5 continues to apply.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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