The Innersloth team has released a small update for Among Us. These changes have been tested as a beta version on Steam for a long time. The new features are now available to all Among Us players. Among other things, it can now be set in the settings before a game that all votes are cast anonymously. Votes are then only displayed with gray symbols.

In addition, there are now numerous options to choose from when the taskbar can be seen during a round. Accordingly, players can decide whether the tasks are always to be seen or not at all. Another option allows you to only display the taskbar during a meeting. This could make it a little easier for imposter to lie about outstanding tasks within a round. Other changes include bug fixes, bug fixes and graphical improvements for the Among Us meeting.

The makers also gave a glimpse into the future. So there won't be a fixed roadmap, but the team is already working hard on a new map for the game. In addition, the team would like to introduce accounts in Among Us by December to be able to take action against hackers and cheaters more quickly. But things like friend lists are also planned in connection with the new accounts. More translations and a mode for color-blind people are also on Innersloth's current to-do list for Among Us.

Source: Steam

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