Protests and demonstrations flood the United States, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter speaks out against racism and for a world in which people of every skin color are treated and seen equally. After the violent death of George Floyd, America in particular is upside down, but international game developers are also involved – and react with as few distractions as possible.

PlayStation 5

Games are entertainment, art, pastimes, news, stories, media. They are also a kind of distraction, although of course they can cover topics and display opinions: not all games just want you to feel good and be able to escape the world. Nevertheless, several developers and publishers decided to also raise a hand during the protests against global racism – and "to make more important voices heard".

Sony, Microsoft, Activision, Naughty Dog, Bethesda, Warner Bros., EA, Guerilla Games, 343 Industries and others take part in the protests through compassionate news, retweets and – above all – silence. No silence in words, yes Silence through failing events and games. Today and tomorrow, the world should not talk about the PlayStation 5, because the event on June 4 was officially canceled by Sony. Today and tomorrow, the world shouldn't talk about Call of Duty: Modern Warfares new season, because it too will be postponed – and also here, "to make more important voices heard":

"We decided to do that Postpone PlayStation 5 event on June 4th. While we understand that players around the world are excited about the PS5 games, we don't think it's time to celebrate right now – and that's why we want one Step back and make more voices heard. "

A few comments from our community on Facebook and on our page showed that these failures and postponements were not really understood. To make it clear again: Neither the PS5 nor the new season of CoD: Modern Warfare have anything to do directly with the protests, but the protests have made the first thing particularly difficult due to the high media coverage distract. Something that Sony doesn't want because they support the movement – as does Activision, which is why all new seasons from CoD: Modern Warfare, CoD: Warzone and CoD: Mobile are being postponed. EA also has it Presentation on Madden NFL 21 canceled until further notice.

Let's be honest: No matter how little those games and consoles deal with the movement #BlackLivesMatter have to do; no matter how much we were looking forward to the new PS5 blockbusters or how much the new season in our favorite shooter: There are sometimes more important things than games. And sometimes space has to be created to be able to discuss these more important issues without distraction.