It is one of those stories about a game that never came into being. However, putting up a million for the pitch makes this Lord of the Rings game something special.

There are many and also some very good games from Tolkien's universe, of course the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But this story is about one that never really went into development.

Jon Burton, the founder of Traveller's Tales, best known for the Lego games, recently released Demo material for the pitch of a Hobbit game. This new IP was planned for the start of the first The Hobbit film, but shows scenes from The Lord of the Rings in the demo.

Gandalf's fight with the Balrog and the escape of Frodo and Sam from the Nazg├╗l were shown. According to Burton, the studio invested a million dollars in the demo.

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Burton even traveled to New Zealand to show Peter Jackson the game. The latter even agreed to the project. The film studio, Warner Bros., was not interested in the game.

However, it was also fortunate for the developers that they could not make the game. The start of the film was postponed by a year and would have put the game on hold. In the end, Traveller's Tales became the studio behind the Lego games of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Ultimately, everything went well.

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