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The action adventure Days Gone got the "Final Patch". But the team is far from finished with the world, which suggests a sequel.

With the "Final Patch" released today the support of the Action Adventures ends Days Gone, But that does not mean that we can not experience any more adventures in the world.

Developers want to stay true to the world

Days Gone (Buy now for 56.55 €) was not a huge hit for Sony, but still represents the company's most successful game this year. Developers have come up with a slew of patches to enhance the gaming experience, but now it's probably over. The "Final Patch" is here. Does that mean that we can no longer experience adventures in the end-time world?

When asked if the team wanted to do more with the game world, SIE Bend studio director Chris Reese said, "Oh yeah, it's certainly a passion of ours, and going on with Days Gone is what we've always wanted to do a world that we want to revive again and again and explore many, many different ways, so who knows, we'll see! "

While this is not a commitment to a sequel, it sounds like we can experience more adventures in the world of Days Gone in the future. Who knows, maybe the next project of the studio is yes Days Gone 2.

Source: WCCFTech

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