With an auto-update today, players could lose part of their progress in Returnal if they paused the sci-fi game while the PS5 was in sleep mode. The developer therefore issued a warning on Twitter.


Returnal is a tough roguelike adventure that poses numerous challenges for PS5 players. In addition to the difficult opponents and the dangerous terrain, storage options within the game are few and far between. To be able to take a break at least in between, some players are currently using the PS5’s sleep mode. In this way, a cycle within the game can be interrupted and restarted at a later point in time. However, an upcoming auto update could destroy this strategy today.

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Returnal: Auto-Update puts paused cycles at risk

Developer Housemarque has warned players on Twitter about the upcoming auto update: If you have paused your game progress through the sleep mode of the PS5, you should make sure to deactivate the auto-update function of the PS5. Otherwise the paused cycle could be lost. The update is scheduled for May 5th at 9 p.m. European time.

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Returnal: memory function divides fan base

The fact that Returnal hardly offers any storage options within the game simply belongs to the roguelike genre for many gamers. Others, however, would at least want a break option or something similar. A cycle in the game can be sometimes take up to three hourswhich is simply not possible for many gamers in one go. Pausing the PS5 to sleep and pause the game is a useful hack, but in many cases not really practical either.

Developer Housemarque has it Player wishes officially registered so farIt is still unclear whether an update will add a pause or save function.

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