The Season of The Lost of Destiny 2 recently started. With this new missions, storylines, and of course new exotic equipment were added to the game. One specific new item, the Radiant Dance Machines shoes for the Hunter class of the title quickly emerged as an extremely powerful item.

The shoes made their first appearance in Destiny and now found their way into the successor in the latest update. Originally, these gave your character increased movement speed when using the sight of your weapon. In Destiny 2 (buy now 14,96 €) however, they ensure that you can use your evasion ability significantly more often when you are near an enemy.

This is nice on its own, but not a reason to equip these shoes. The problem with the new item comes through various other objects, which give your dodge ability new properties. For example, with the dynamo mod and the right build, players could fill up their super bars in no time.

This caused some problems, especially in PvP, and players quickly complained that the new shoes were way too strong. Probably in response to feedback from the community, Bungie has now deactivated the shoes in PvP and Gambit modes.

Twitter users and Bungie’s community manager made fun of the situation. “No dancing,” The latter writes, for example, in response to Bungie’s announcement.

In the accompanying tweet, Bungie writes about one “Problem with which hunters can dodge more often than they should”. This is a rather strange choice of words, as there is no exploit or anything like that, but the shoes do exactly what they are supposed to.

How exactly Bungie wants to adapt the radiant dance machines in PvP so that hunters don’t dance around as much will only show in the future. Until then, we simply can’t go on dance if we want to.

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