Development continues with the Unreal Engine

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After a long time there is news about the action game Payday 3 that we don't want to withhold from you. As the Starbreeze team announced, the game is still in the design phase, but is now using the Unreal Engine. There is still no specific release date.

In the past few months, the action game Payday 3 had become very quiet. But now there is finally a sign of life again. The Starbreeze team in charge recently spoke up via Twitter to provide a short status update on the project.

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Accordingly, the development of Payday 3 is definitely still in full swing. According to Starbreeze, the action game is still in the design phase, so it is still a long way from the release. However, there are just as interesting as important news about the development: The third episode of Payday no longer relies on the somewhat outdated Diesel Engine, but also a modern version of the Unreal Engine. Which version it is exactly is not yet known. However, it should definitely benefit the graphics of the action game.

Starbreeze remains covered with further details about Payday 3. So far there is no specific release date for the action game. All that is known is that it is not expected to hit the market before 2022. But information on the content, the story and the individual features are currently rare. That should change as soon as the release gets closer, so that we may have new information to hand by next year. We will of course stay on the ball for you in this regard.

Source: TStarbreeze's witter account

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