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The publisher THQ Nordic has announced that a remake of the role-playing classic Gothic will go into production. For this purpose, a new developer studio is to be established in Barcelona, ​​where work will begin shortly. However, the release will definitely not take place this year.

After the playable prototype of a gothic remake was largely received by the fans towards the end of last year, the publisher THQ Nordic has now decided on the next step. Accordingly, the development of a complete version of the remake should begin shortly.

For this purpose, THQ Nordic first wants to establish a new studio in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​where work is scheduled to begin shortly. In the first phase, the team wants to find out exactly what fans liked about the playable prototype and what they noticed negatively. The feedback has shown, among other things, that the players have a much darker world for the remake of Gothic (buy now for 14.33 €) wish – and not as colorful as it was in the prototype. Overall, in a survey, more than 94 percent of the participants asked for the development of a complete remake. Reinhard Pollice from THQ Nordic is looking forward to the ambitious project:

"We are looking forward to the challenge, a Gothic remake that stays as true as possible to the experience from back then and will give the unique Gothic world a modern look and make some gameplay improvements without changing the grandiose atmosphere of the original."

The Gothic remake is due to be released for both the PC and the NextGen consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X). So far, there is no specific release date. However, THQ Nordic categorically excludes publication in 2020. As soon as there is new information, you will of course find it immediately in our news section.

Source: THQ Nordic

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