Devolver Digital: date for game showcase in July is set

from Dominik Zwingmann
Publisher Devolver Digital will introduce several new announcements on July 11, 2020. Release dates for already known titles were also promised. The team will again broadcast a crazy presentation that will differ from well-known press conferences. Devolver Digital has been running its own games events since 2017.

Devolver Digital will be holding another very special press conference this year. After the E3 2020 had to fail this year, Devolver Digital has also taken the time and moved the game showcase a bit backwards. But now the date for this year's broadcast has been set. The publisher announced via Twitter that the press conference is scheduled for July 11 at 9 p.m.

"This year's showcase continues the tradition of exaggerated promises. It entices with revelations about new games, gameplay news, announcements of release dates and special guests from the industry who help to get the key marketing bullet points in place. And it is almost all gameplay – because that's what today's youth demands and demands. " it says in the press release.

Devolver Digital not only wants to release known titles, but also want to introduce completely new games. Highlights could include new material from Serious Sam 4, which we previewed in our preview last May. In 2017, Devolver Digital held its own press conference for the first time, which ensured a lot of popularity among the players with crazy ideas and humor. The broadcast can be followed live on Twitch and Steam this year. We'll keep you informed here. We also included the video from 2019 above.

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