At BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard unveiled the long-awaited remaster of Diablo 2. The visually and technically remodeled new edition in 3D, which should appear in 2021, is based 1: 1 on the 1.14 patch of the original game. You can already register for the technical alpha and pre-order is also already available. In this guide you will find valuable tips about the game. Have fun!

At the beginning of Act 5 of Diablo 2 you start in the Fortress of Madness in Act 4 of the main game. First talk to Deckard Cain and Tyrael, who will then open a portal to Harrogath in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Like the camp of the hunters in the first act, Harrogath serves as the basis for trading and quests as the game progresses. The most important NPCs of the city are the alchemist Malah, the blacksmith Larzuk, the barbarian warlord Qual-Kehk, the wise Nihlathak, the orphan Anya, who among other things also offers gambling, and the always present Deckard Cain.

Mephisto and Diablo are destroyed, but the last great evil, Baal, was able to escape to the barbaric lands in the north. He is looking for the mythical world stone that created the heavenly, demonic and human kingdoms and keeps them in balance. If he succeeds in controlling the stone, the gates of hell are opened and the heavens and the earth are doomed. Your task is to prevent Baal and his hosts from doing their thing.

General tips for the 5th act

  • The monsters and opposing fortifications of the 5th act are much more tricky than those of the base game. For example, goblins can teleport and cast powerful fire spells, death pounders shoot thorns out of the ground, catapults can shoot powerful poisons, and so on. So don't overestimate yourself when attacking!
  • A high fire resistance is very helpful throughout the 5th act.
  • In Act 5 there are a lot of golden treasure chests with good loot.
  • New items, the runes, can be used in socketed items. They not only grant individual bonuses, but also additional rune word bonuses in certain combinations. A list of all rune words can be found here on the official website.
  • The quest boss Nihlathak will send you to the afterlife with explosions of the corpses of your killed monsters if you are not careful. Proceed with tact when attacking!
  • The three barbarian ancestors are also very strong quest opponents. Bring enough healing / mana potions, stay on the move and be ready to withdraw at any time by conjuring up a city portal – especially in hardcore game mode. When a city portal is opened, the barbarians petrify, but can be reactivated at any time by touching the altar.
  • Baal and his bosses in the throne room, especially Lister the Tormentor, are very strong bosses. Retreat as soon as the going gets tough or you need supplies – an already open city portal is a must. A mercenary as a distraction does a valuable job here.
  • The maximum possible number of sockets for "white" normal items is given in the official weapons and armaments overview. The number of sockets depends on the level of game difficulty in which the item was found. Larzuk's socketing of "white" items is worthwhile if you want to prepare a high-quality item for a certain rune word, for example an archon plate for the 4-socket rune word "chains of honor".

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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 5

Source: Blizzard

Quest tasks reward
Siege of Harrogath Give kill the overseer A pedestal for an item of your choice from Larzuk; Tip: "White" items receive the maximum possible number of sockets (depending on the level of difficulty of the game)
Rescue on Mount Arreat Free 15 captured barbarians in the Ice Highlands The 3 runes Ral, Ort and Tal (for the rune word "oath of the ancestors") as well as the possibility to hire barbarian mercenaries from Qual-Kehk
Ice prison Free Anya from her prison on the Frost River + 10% all resistance scroll, character-specific rare item
Treason in Harrogath Kill Nihlathak in Nihlathak's Temple Anya gives an item of your choice with your name
Initiation rite Defeat the three barbarian ancestors on Arreat Summit Many experience points, access to the World Stone Tower
Eve of Annihilation Defeat Baal in the Chamber of the World Stone Various high-quality items, game success, activation of the next level of game difficulty

Unique act 5 monsters

In addition to champion monsters, the unique monsters, including the act and quest bosses, are a first-class place to go when it comes to the best items in the game. Below you will find those of the 5th act.

Note: The enchantments of the monsters mentioned here are basic skills that are supplemented by additional skills depending on the level of difficulty in the game (normal, nightmare, hell). In addition, all of the resistances mentioned become immunities in Hell difficulty, e.g. lightning-resistant -> immune to lightning attacks.

monster Location Skills
Dac Farren Bloody promontory Cold enchanted, teleportation
Give the overseer Bloody promontory Extra strong
Eldritch the judge Ice highlands, tip: right at the waypoint Very fast
Threshing gambler Arreat highlands Cursed
Watery eyes the unleashed Ice highlands Extra strong, very fast
Sharptooth Butcher Ice highlands Very fast
Frost stone Frost flow Cold enchanted, mana burn
Bone breaker Glacier path Extra strong, magic resistant
Snap snap butter Ice cellar Cursed, coldly enchanted
Periosteum Nihlathak's temple, tip: right near the portal that Anya opens Fire enchanted, very powerful assault attacks
Nihlathak Halls of Vaught Body explosion, summoning Baal servants, arctic wind
Talic (ancestor) Arreat Summit Whirlwind
Madawc (ancestor) Arreat Summit Scream, double swing
Korlic (ancestor) Arreat Summit Jump attack
Colenzo the Annihilator (1st Servant of Destruction) Throne of Destruction Fire enchanted
Achmel the Cursed (2nd Servant of Destruction) Throne of Destruction Poison immune
Bartuc the Bloody (3rd Servant of Destruction) Throne of Destruction Lightning enchanted
Ventar the Unholy (4th Servant of Destruction) Throne of Destruction Very fast
Lister the Tormentor (5th Servant of Destruction) Throne of Destruction Spectral attacks, paralyzing attacks
Baal Chamber of the World Stone Teleportation, Aging Curse, Defense Weakening Curse, Blood Mana Curse (you harm yourself when using mana spells), Brandnova, Frost spell with recoil effect, Mana burn spell, Devastating blow, Tentacle spell, Decoy spell (Baal creates an image of his self)

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Act 5 (Source: Blizzard)

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