Of the War cry barbarian or “Singer” decimates his enemies with the raw power of his mighty war cry, while at the same time he can stack one of the highest magic fund bonuses of all builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected! With mobility through jump attack and enemy control through war cry, this barbarian can invade every farm area in the game and destroy the monsters there. Advanced characters make use of the “Telestomp” technique, where you use teleporting instead of the jump attack and place yourself in the middle of the hordes of monsters before you strike. As soon as you have acquired the required “riddle” rune word armor with teleporting ability (usually only sorceress), the efficiency and DPS of the build increase drastically.

Usual farm places for the “singer” barbarians are the “hole” dungeon in the Tamo highlands in act 1 or travincal in act 3 for the council members, who can drop an abundance of good magical objects. This is where the barbarian particularly benefits from his unique ability to find an object.

Advantages and disadvantages of the war cry barbarian

  • Simple style of play

  • Incredibly good survivability

  • Can stack a lot of Magic Find bonuses

  • Performance scales with skill level

  • Excellent as a supporter too

  • Only one type of damage (physical)

  • Repetitive gameplay

  • High APM (Action Per Minute) for maximum efficiency

  • Cannot farm act bosses efficiently

  • BiS (Best in Slot) equipment is difficult to acquire


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Spend 1 point in each of the following skills:

Maximizes the following skills in this order:


  • Strength: Enough points to wear the equipment
  • Skill: Enough points to wear the equipment
  • Vitality: The rest of the points

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The following equipment contains “ladder” rune words, but because of their popularity according to Blizzard in Diablo 2 Resurrected will be unlocked for the first time in single-player and multiplayer modes (Battle.net). The same goes for ladder uniques and horadrim cube recipes.

The Warcry Barbarian needs some special equipment to play efficiently. At first you will have a hard time farming in the lucrative level 85 magic find zones until you can stack more survivability and skill bonuses. You should therefore first prioritize resistances and bonuses on war screams skills in your spell selection until you have improved your equipment overall. The basic equipment listed above already grants +7 to all skills without spells. (Optional) it is recommended to add two for the 2nd weapon slot Heart runaway – Obtain long daggers, each granting a +4 bonus to searching for an item.

The defiance aura version is recommended, as it provides you with a mercenary who drastically increases your defense and that of the mercenary in combination with your scream. Otherwise your mercenary tank and a meditation source (regenerate mana faster). The helmet of the Tal Rasha set and the “Treason” rune word armor give the mercenary great survivability. the Second weapon of the mercenary grants a source of aging; the curse removes them physical immunity from monsters in the “Hell” level of difficulty. This is very important as the Warcry Barbarian can only deal physical damage. Should you come across such monsters (in the solo game), you will temporarily swap weapons with your mercenary.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The war scream barbarian is not only an efficient magic find character, but also a visual delight

Source: Buffed

  • Keep your buffs for battle call, battle orders, and scream up at all times.
  • Use jump attack to overcome obstacles or escape in an emergency. In addition, enemies are repelled when landing with a jump attack, so you can create distance if necessary.
  • Position yourself well during the fight and beware of dangerous numbers of enemies and hostile auras.
  • War Scream causes a very strong stun as soon as it encounters monsters. Spamming the skill is often safer than “kiting” your opponent.
  • At high casting speed, War Scream is really impressive and clears up quickly among elite mobs.
  • This barbarian is almost impossible to kill once he’s fully buffed. So don’t be afraid to jump into the fray to provide your team with crucial support.
  • Use your item search skill for another chance for prey.
  • Have fun and good loot with this iconic, fun-to-play build!


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