April is here and shows: 2021 will remain exciting! This is firstly because we are (very) slowly but surely gaining control over the damned corona pandemic, secondly and as a result of this, however, to the game industry, which is now slowly finding its way back into its old flow. E3 is taking place again – only digitally, but at least – gradually the publishers and developers reveal which games they have in the pipeline for the coming months, and everything else is pointing to “back to normal”. I think you are like us when we say: It’s about time! And we’re still getting through the last few months.

From strange life and mighty monsters

Games Current

Games Current

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What is there for you to read this time? Well, the cover reveals it – Life is Strange is finally getting its long-awaited successor, which has a new main character and fresh skills, but (hopefully) also comes up with the qualities of its predecessor. Diablo comes in a double pack, namely with previews of both the remake Diablo 2: Resurrected and the much-anticipated fourth part. It gets monster-like in the test area, namely with both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Energy Supercross 4. One of the two games is better than the other – you can guess which one.

Sex sells, PS5 unfortunately not

As in the last few months, we have already placed one focus on our special and reportage area. It might get tingling in our article on the representation of sex in video games, on the other hand, on the completely different side of the erotic spectrum, there is the question: Are video games good as an investment? And while we’re on the subject of “good”, is Marvel’s Avengers good with next-gen upgrade and new content at last? We will also clarify this question! You can also look forward to our report on game icon John Carmack, helpful guides on Valheim and our great overview of the current availability of Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Small spoiler: not very good.

Games Aktuell 05/2021: Diablo 2 Resurrected, erotic in video games and much more! (1) [Quelle: Games Aktuell]

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