The Horadrim Cube is the main magical item in the game. You will receive it when you play through Diablo 2 Resurrected for the first time in Act 2 and you can complete several follow-up quests with it. The magic cube can also be used as a permanent backpack in your inventory to store additional items, and you can use it to create new items. Typical ingredients in his transmutations include runes, gems, jewels, and spells. The current recipes and ingredients are covered in detail in this article.

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Horadrim cube as an inventory

If you also want to use the Horadrim cube as a backpack, simply place it in your inventory, where it occupies 2 x 2 slots, but itself offers 3 x 4 slots. You can store objects by first picking them up from the floor, dragging them over the cube and then clicking on it with the left mouse button. You will hear a typical sound when the object has been placed in the cube.

The Horadrim Cube can do that

You can do the following with the Horadrim cube:

  • Convert objects: You can use the magical powers of the Horadrim Cube to convert items into a new item. Put the items you need in the cube and press the transform button.
  • Craft items: Selected craft items can be created with the Horadrim cube.

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