The sorceress is one of the most popular characters to start your journey into the world of Diablo 2 Resurrected. Here we introduce you to a special endgame build that Blizzard Fireball Sorceress aka “Blizzball Sorc”. With a decent amount of increased magic speed and the use of the teleporting skill, you can get to important farm locations in no time. Fireball itself has a very high damage output and is ideal for quickly farming elite packs. Blizzard is used as a secondary skill, but is also great for quickly taking out Fire Immune.

When it comes to solo farming, this build has little competition: high mobility, lots of magic finding options, strong damage types, and smooth transitions make this build both exciting and effective. Although she specializes in the elite hunt, this sorceress can hold her own in almost all maxlevel areas, including the challenging World Stone Tower. With the strategic use of Static Field, the Blizzard Fireball Sorceress is even able to defeat monsters in games with a maximum number of players.

Pros and Cons of the Blizzard Fireball Sorceress

  • High skill cap

  • Fast play style

  • Fire and cold hybrid damage

  • Lots of endgame gear options

  • One of the best magic find builds out there

  • Very vulnerable

  • Requires expensive spells (items) to reach their full potential

  • Getting used to

  • Specific spell breakpoints are crucial for maximum damage

  • Damage (solo) decreases with more players in the game


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Spend 1 point in each of the following skills:

Maximizes the following skills in this order:


  • Strength: Enough points to wear the equipment
  • Skill: Enough points to wear the equipment
  • Vitality: The rest of the points

The following equipment contains “ladder” rune words, but because of their popularity according to Blizzard in Diablo 2 Resurrected will be unlocked for the first time in single-player and multiplayer modes ( The same goes for ladder uniques and horadrim cube recipes.

The Blizzard Fireball Sorceress relies heavily on skill bonuses and a faster cast rate. This equipment is the minimum you will need to play the build effectively. With +5 and more to all skills in total and a faster cast rate, you can comfortably farm many areas in the difficulty level “Hell”. A 105% FCR breakpoint (FCR = Faster Cast Rate) is crucial for the standard game! This breakpoint is reached by the above equipment when the two rings each have a 10% faster cast rate than one of the attributes. The runeword shield provides enough resistances, you cover any gaps with the rest of the equipment and / or spells in the inventory.

The Force Aura version is recommended, as it enables the mercenary to deal independently with enemies / bosses who are immune to your main sources of damage, cold and fire. Otherwise your mercenary tank and a meditation source (regenerate mana faster). The helmet of the Tal Rasha set grants the mercenary great survivability.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected: The blizzard fireball sorceress quickly wipes away the numerous fire immune systems with cold damage

Source: Buffed

  • Make sure that your ice armor buff is permanently active.
  • Use telekinesis as often as possible to save time.
  • Quickly teleport from place to place and kill Elite Packs.
  • Position yourself well during the fight for optimal damage and pay attention to the position, movements and auras of the opponent.
  • Use Blizzard for Fire Immune and Fireball for everything else. Use your mercenary against all monsters / bosses that are immune to your main sources of damage, cold and fire.
  • Uses static field on non-lightning immune opponents with high health points and in multiplayer games.
  • Have fun with this one-hit wonder!


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