For example, in the 19th season of Diablo 3, you played your whirlwind barbarians for a long time and would like to play something different for a change? No problem, because with the Jewel of lightness There is a fun legendary gemstone that gives you superpowers and makes leveling new characters a breeze. With item level 25 in the base of a powerful level 70 weapon, the gem reduces the character level required to equip the weapon to 1 and also increases the experience points per kill by an enormous amount. Below are a few tips on how to do it Jewel of lightness efficient solo "twinkles".

Uses three legendary gems and items

In addition to your level 70 weapon with the Jewel of lightness in the pedestal you make yourself a "big" one with your main character Hellfire Ring and a Hellfire Amuletthat automatically receive a socket during manufacture. Both items have no level requirement, and the recipes (costing 5 million gold each) are available at the Trader Crumbs in the Hidden Camp in Act II. The materials for making farm you farm with your main character on the 16th grade in the four Realms of the Special bosses, which can be opened using the Infernal Machines of the four keykeepers in Acts 1 through 4 (Odeg, Sokahr, Xah'Rith and Nekarat). If you then the blacksmith's legendary two-handed mace Ripper and at the jeweler's Hellfire Ring as well as that Hellfire Amulet from the beginning, you can wear three level 70 craft items from the start. Your launch kit will look like this – the legendary gems you previously leveled with your main character in Grand Nephalemportals:

That's how you level

The leveling is divided into 2 phases:

  • 1-51 with focus on cursed chests on the 6th grade
  • 51-70 in the halls of Agony Level 3 on level 4

Level 1-51

  • Create a new character.
  • Open a game in Adventure Mode on the Qualification 6,
  • Equip the weapon, the ring and the amulet.
  • Set yours Paragon Points (25% movement speed, bonus to main stat, vitality, critical damage, etc.) that your main character has earned so far.
  • Hit one of the three companions.

Search the Bounties after cursed chests eventswhich are easy to reach (mainly Act 1 and 4). If you have found such a bounty, do it. If you're lucky, you'll reach level 51 with an event – if not, just do another.

Level 51-70

  • Sets the level of difficulty of the game Torment 4,

Teleported to the Halls of Agony Level 3 in the first act and starts to farm the trash mobs. Do not mess with treasure goblins or elite packs if they take too long. Just kill all normal mobs as fast as you can. When farming, move from the waypoint toward the butcher's entrance. When you get there, the game ends and starts a new one. Your gain in experience depends on your kill speed. Use a skill and talent selection appropriate for your class for this purpose and collect all the good items that fall during the farm.

Upon reaching level 61 Stop by the Blacksmith for a full set of rare Level 61 items with passable stats. The helmet should have a base, pants two, and chest armor three – if not, get them by "rolling" a stat on the enchantress. Then put a ruby ​​in the helmet (bonus on experience points) and five gems with bonus to your main stat in the five armor sockets. You should damage 250,000 to 300,000 damage at level 61, which is sufficient for farming trash mobs at level 4 to level 70, according to a character stat overview. You will need about 45 minutes to one hour solo to reach the maximum level of 70 using this method.

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