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Diablo 3 streamer TheUltimateEggman used an exploit to solo a Level 150 Great Nephalem portal in Season 19. While some of the community is calling for a ban, others think it should be rewarded.

That Diablo 3-Streamer TheUltimateEggman alone could master a Stage 150 Great Nephalem portal in Season 19 of Diablo 3, causing some confusion. He used but open an exploit.

Lock or reward?

TheUltimateEggman signed up for a Level 150 Grand Nephalem portal, solo. He invited two friends who refused the invitation. On the portal alone he has no chance, but attracts as many opponents. Now he teleports to his friends, who have now also attracted opponents and missed this one damage over time effect. Then he teleports back to the Nephalem portal. All enemies with "DOT" die, even in the portal and the kills count for him. Through the season buff TheUltimateEggman gets so many bonuses that he can defeat even elite opponents in no time.

TheUltimateEggman made it # 1 in the US Ranking for Season 19 of Diablo 3 (buy now for 26,99 €), Of course, this has led to controversial discussions. Some are calling for a ban because they obviously took advantage of an exploit, because that's not the way to handle a Great Nephalem portal. Others, however, say that he should actually be paid for Blizzard to uncover such things, because basically he does the job of quality assurance for the developer studio.

Whatever the cause, what TheUltimateEggman has done here in Diablo 3 is quite impressive.

Source: Forum by Blizzard / reddit

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