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Season 19 of Diablo 3 is currently taking place. If you create a "kill streak" with 1,000 monsters there, you have to fight against an "Uber Diablo". One player had to deal with nine of these powerful bosses.

At the moment, some players are driving away from Diablo 3 in Season 19 the time to summon the "Uber Diablos". These appear whenever you create a "kill streak" with 1,000 monsters, that is, 1,000 monsters in a row without interruption.

Fight nine bosses

Players try to outdo each other by trying to spawn as many "Uber Diablos" as possible. The previous record was three of the boss monsters. But now this record has been set. One player managed to summon nine of these creatures, which of course ended in a particularly fierce battle.

So you can also in Diablo 3 (buy now for € 29.11) fight against an "Uber Diablo":

1. You create a group with two to four players
2. Now get yourself a stack of the Pandemonium buff in a Rift 940-970 (season 19 exclusive)
3. The second player must now put down his weapon so that the stacks can be maintained
4. This player now runs to the end of the map and gets the 1,000. Kill. Now he's teleporting into town
5. There he loses the stacks again
6. A player teleports to the player with the 1,000 stacks. When he arrives, he equips his weapon and kills a mob. This will transfer the batches.
7. Now repeat steps 3 and 6 for more Diablo spawns.

Source: buffed

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