Diablo 3: "Solo GR 150 Exploit"

from Karsten Scholz
After the Diablo 3 streamer TheUltimateEggman with his Barbarian in Season 19 solo (and thanks to an exploit) mastered a Level 150 Grand Nephalem Portal and so could reach # 1 in the US rankings, many players called for a ban. Now the developers of Blizzard have commented on this in an extensive post.

Recently, the Diablo 3 streamer TheUltimateEggman with his barbarian in the current season 19 solo (!) in 11:25 minutes (!) to master a Level 150 Great Nephalem portal and reach # 1 US Ranking (via PC games). He is said to have used an exploit that worked as follows: He joined with two friends who did not join his nephalem portal. Instead, these distributed at waypoints and now served as a teleport destination. TheUltimateEggman now neatly pulled his opponents together in portals, ported himself to a buddy, missed the Adds there with a Mangle-DoT ("damage over time" effect), which thanks to the seasonal buff Pandemonium ticked enormously, and it went back to the portal ,

While one group of players are calling for a ban on exploit users, others argue that theUltimateEggman should even be rewarded for bringing the exploit to light – a task that should be on Blizzard's note (see this post in the official Diablo 3 forum).

And what does Blizzard say? Well, community manager Nevalistis has the facts in one extensive post comments:

  • Taking advantage of a group buff to master solo Grand Nephelic portals in this way is rated as Cheating by Blizzard.
  • Players who have exploited this cheat must expect suspensions or account closures.
  • Ranking progress made by this cheat will be deleted.
  • The exploit should be corrected promptly by a hotfix. Blizzard warns all players against exploiting this exploit by then.
  • Blizzard takes the opportunity to once again remind all players that the use of third-party addons is not allowed and punished accordingly.

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