Diablo 3: The fragrance of time

from Norbert Rätz
In Diablo 3, in nephalem portals or grand nephalem portals, in addition to normal shrines, there are even stronger buffs through objects known as pylons. Here's a game tip on how to get the most out of the pylons.

The buff effects of pylons are reserved exclusively for nephalemportals or grand nephalic portals and usually last only 30 seconds – except for the speed and dimension plate. The effects are retained beyond death, but are inactive while you are dead. Starting with patch 2.4.2, each pylon has a unique icon on the map, so you can see in advance which type you are approaching. The following pylons are currently in the Diablo 3 patch 2.6.7.

Diablo 3: Pylon types in nephalic portals and large nephalic portals

  • dimension connection (Effect duration: 30 seconds): You get an aura of lightning that makes short work of everything nearby, be it an object or a monster. Each Lightning Strike inflicts approximately 4000% damage to enemies and objects, and the effect has access to your Hero's entire Critical Strike Stats. However, the number of targets that can be hit at the same time is limited and only hits every 2 seconds. In nephalic portals, or grand nephalic portals, dimensional connection inflicts far less damage on bosses and porters; In addition, the damage scales in Grand Nephalem portals based on the portal level instead of the regular 4000%. The effect duration of
  • dimension power (Effect duration: 30 seconds): Your damage done is increased by 400%; the damage is calculated multiplicatively with other similar damage modifiers.
  • dimension channeling (Effect duration: 30 seconds): All ongoing cooldowns are reset immediately when the pylon is touched, and any cooldowns on abilities that are activated are reduced by 75% for the duration of the effect. In addition, the resource cost of all abilities (including life, if any / active) is reduced to zero. Skill-based skills cost no charging while the pylon effect is active. Abilities that consume all remaining resources to increase their damage (such as the singularity rune of the Skeletal Magician of the Necromancer), but will continue to do so; only the basic resource cost of the respective skill will be canceled.
  • speed dimension (Effect duration: 60 seconds): Your attack speed is increased by 30% and the movement speed by 80%, ignoring the normal limits for the duration of the effect. With the Dimension Speed, your character can move through enemies, causing damage to them and knocking them back, shattering destructible objects, and breaking the barriers of elite packs.
  • dimension shield (Effect duration: 60 seconds): You will receive a shield that will make you completely immune to all types of attacks, including loss of control, for the duration of the effect.

Diablo 3: Tips for Pylons

  • Some of you may have noticed while browsing the current solo leaderboards of the 19th Diablo 3 season that many of the frontrunners have the legendary amulet <a href = "https://eu.diablo3.com/en/item/the-flavor -of-time-P66_Unique_Amulet_001 "title ="The scent of the time"target =" _ blank ">The scent of the time use. The relatively seldom dropping amulet reduces the cooldowns of all skills by 5 to 8% and increases the movement speed by 10 to 12%. Also, since patch 2.6.6, the item has a legendary feature that doubled the duration of pylon effectsthat is, dimensional speed, for example, lasts 2 minutes instead of 60 seconds. The effect is limited to the wearer of the amulet; the rest of the party – if any – gets only the normal duration of the effect.
  • Another interesting legendary for portal farmers, especially for speedruns, is the <a href = "https://eu.diablo3.com/en/item/nemesis-bracers-Unique_Bracer_106_x1" title = "Bracers of the Nemesis"target =" _ blank ">Bracers of the Nemesis, Their legendary trait causes shrines and pylons to touch a champion or elite pack when touched, providing additional orbs to speed portal progress after killing.

If you use both of these items and your luck with the pylons is a bit nice, you can often stack their effects and complete nephalem portals or grand nephalem portals almost without any damage in record time.

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