Diablo 4: Beta – Clarification for registration

of Norbert Rätz
According to a leak, the developers have already scheduled an appointment for the Diablo 4 Beta this year so that they can then prepare for the release. The registration for the beta is now completely different than before. Below you will find all information.

Until recently there was some confusion regarding the beta registration for Diablo 4, and Community manager Nevalistis caused further confusion with outdated information, It all started with a Reddit post that said that beta registrations for Diablo 4 are "now" open. In response, it was added that they have been open since Blizzcon presented the game. Both are right and wrong because there are simply no beta registrations at the moment.

Fortunately Reddit user BradXeno things were cleared up for everyone before the login button on the Diablo 4 website exploded: there are no longer any general beta opt-ins – they are now per game (for example for WoW: Shadowlands). This in turn means that the registration for Diablo 4 did not exist yet, because the one on the official Diablo 4 website is actually only for the newsletter! Nevalistis confirmed this and explains:

"Ah, you're right. The process has changed a lot since the last beta I worked on (Rise of the Necromancer).
In fact, you do this by signing up for the newsletter and any additional information that we may post, including when the beta signups go online. "

So if you're interested in the Diablo 4 beta, you officially register for the newsletter on this website, As soon as the beta approaches, you will be automatically provided with further information.

You can find more information, specials and videos on our Diablo theme page.

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