Diablo 4? Diablo Immortal? Encrypted build exposed to Fenris

from Susanne Braun
The WoWHead Dataminer not only regularly finds encrypted data on World of Warcraft on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) from developer studio Blizzard, but now also apparently also on Project Fenris, which is commonly assumed to be Diablo 4 acts. Could there be an Alpha to Diablo 4 in a few months?

The WoWHead people always have one thing in mind: Blizzard's Content Delivery Network (CDN). The vendor builds on it suggest that something could soon be done with a playable alpha version of a Blizzard game. Already in February and March 2020 encrypted vendor builds for WoW: Shadowlands were imported and in April 2020 the time had come; the first invitations for the alpha of the next WoW expansion have been sent to players. Now they report WoWHead creatorthat a vendor build for Project Fenris has appeared on the CDN. Project Fenris, in turn, is generally accepted by fans and the press, is again the working title for Diablo 4. In short, the website operators suspect that it is an encrypted build of Diablo 4.

However, since it is now encrypted, there is no way for Dataminer to find out what is in the data set. They assume that it could be a version of Diablo 4 for developers and testers who are working on the action role-playing game due to the continuing corona pandemic from the home office. Of course, it can also be speculated that there may be a first alpha to Diablo 4 in the coming months, perhaps in July or August. Whether this will be so meaningful, however, is up for debate, because the beta of Diablo 3 was not particularly extensive.

Incidentally, this encrypted vendor build could also go relatively well with the developers of Diablo 4 targeting a new quarterly update at the end of June on the progress of work on the game. We are excited to see what will happen in this regard. Such a theory, for a soon playable alpha or beta, could of course also concern the mobile game Diablo Immortal, which has now largely disappeared again. Because it has already been rumored that tests could be carried out in mid-2020.

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