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An alleged IT specialist claims to have recognized from the version number of a build of Blizzards Diablo 4 that the release could take place as early as 2021. Is the hack and slay further developing than Blizzard wants us to believe?

Blizzard explained at BlizzCon 2019 that we are still very long on the release of the new Hack and Slays Diablo 4th have to wait. But is that really the case? After all, the action RPG was also announced for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, although this year the new generation of consoles is to be launched.

Comes Diablo 4 already in 2021?

An alleged IT professional with around 20 years of experience now claims that the build number of Diablo 4 reveals something else. He explains that Diablo 3 started back in 2012 with version number According to the person, however, it is common practice that a version number is rotated before the release or a 1st is placed in front of it. So Diablo 3 should have had a version number of before starting.

According to him, the builds of Diablo 4, which appear on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for data distribution, have been updated significantly more often than was the case with Diablo 3. The first build was version number, the last one If Blizzard has kept the build names, Diablo 4 should be much more under development than previously thought. According to the IT specialist with the nickname Poundcake_64, this indicates a release in 2021.

He claims to have discovered another indication of an early release of the hack and slave in the integration of Corsair and Vivox. Vivox is a voice chat system and Poundcake_64 asks if such a system is really needed now if Diablo 4 were still years from a release. He also wants to guess from the build size that the game is already well advanced, since no early version would take up 30 GB of space – about 5 GB larger than the final version of Diablo 3. This speaks for an early release of the action RPG According to the IT specialist, Blizzard also brought Rod Ferguson on board, who is actually known for releasing games relatively quickly.

Of course, it cannot be said whether Poundcake_64 is correct here. He only makes guesses. Only Blizzard knows how far Diablo 4 has really progressed and when a release can be expected.

Source: Reddit

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