Blizzard showed a first preview of Druid's abilities and talents during the presentation of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon 2019. Fans of the Druid in Diablo 2 will find many of them familiar. The abilities can be subdivided into elemental, shapeshifting and incantation, but this time they were not sorted into skill trees but into different categories.

The Druid's skill categories in Diablo 4 are Basic Attacks, Ghost Attacks, Defense Skills, Anger Skills, Companion Skills, and Ultimate Abilities. The skills can be used actively in combat, can be improved during leveling and placed as usual on the action bars. In contrast, the talents grant passive bonuses to the abilities. They are selected in talent trees and can be redistributed as desired.

Diablo 4: Skillsystem (here: Druid)

Diablo 4: Skill system (here: druid)

Source: Blizzard

Diablo 4: Druid skills

The following features shown during the Blizzcon demo (names until now only in English) are categorized into their categories. However, there were still slots that were hidden / in development.

based attacks

  • Earth Spike (Earth Magic, which deals physical damage) – Rip up the Earth, eat up the first hit enemy and inflict damage on it. Each time you encounter an opponent with Earthspike, your chance of getting a blow to that goal is increased.
  • Shred (Shapeshift ability dealing physical damage) – Transforms into a werewolf and shreds an enemy. Has a chance to run twice.
  • Storm Strike (Storm magic that causes Lightning damage) – Electricity gathers around your weapon, dealing damage that is split between your target and nearby enemies.
  • mouth (Shapeshifting ability that causes physical damage) – Transform into an advertiser and crush an enemy while strengthening yourself.
  • Wind shear (Storm Magic dealing Physical damage) – Summons a piercing Reamer that deals damage and increases your movement speed for 3 seconds. Stackable up to a certain limit.

spirit attacks

  • pulverize (Shapeshift ability dealing physical damage) – Transforms into a Promoter and hits the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Landslide (Earth Magic, which deals physical damage) – Destroys enemies between 3 Earth Columns that cause damage. Has an additional chance to make a devastating blow.
  • tornado (Storm Magic) – Summons a vortex that moves outward, then randomly, causing damage every second.

defense capabilities

  • Cyclone Armor (Storm Magic, Passive Effect) – Strong winds protect you and reduce ranged damage. If an enemy in melee range hits you, there is a chance that the wind will throw him back.
  • Earthen Bulwark (Earth Magic, which deals physical damage) – Rocks surround you for 3 seconds, make you unstoppable and absorb damage.
  • trample (Shapeshift ability dealing physical damage) – Charge forward as an advertiser, dealing damage and stuns enemies.
  • Debilitating Roar (Shapeshift ability that deals physical damage) – Transform into a commercial and roar wildly, reducing the attack speed of nearby enemies.
  • Ravenous Bite (Shapeshift ability dealing physical damage) – Transform into a werewolf and rip an enemy's flesh, healing you at the same time.

Zorn skills

  • Hurricane (Storm magic that deals physical damage) – Forms a hurricane around you that deals damage to nearby enemies for 8 seconds.
  • Boulder (Earth Magic, dealing physical damage) – Summons a large rolling boulder that pushes enemies back and deals damage with each hit. This skill has an additional chance to make a devastating blow.

vehicle abilities

  • Wolves (Companions that inflict physical damage) – This ability has a passive and active component.
    • passiveSummons 2 Wolf Companions biting enemies.
    • active: Tell the wolves to focus an enemy. The wolves have an increased chance to hit the enemy critically.
  • Ravens (Companion causing physical damage) – This ability has a passive and an active component.
    • passive: Ravens fly over you and attack your enemies regularly.
    • active: The target area is full of ravens. Enemies suffer damage and are vulnerable.
  • Vine Creeper (Companion causing poison damage) – This ability has a passive and active component.
    • passive: A creeping tendril regularly emerges from the ground, poisoning a nearby enemy, causing damage over time.
    • active: Tendrils strangle enemies in a target area, poison them, deal damage over time, and stun them for 2 seconds.

Ultimate skills

  • Cataclysm (Storm magic that causes lightning damage) – A massive storm follows you. Tornadoes repel enemies and lightning strikes cause damage to enemies.
  • Grizzly Rage (Shapeshifting ability that causes physical damage) – Transform into an advertiser and gain new advertising skills. You create quick spirits (druid resource) in this form, and you can not stop them while this ability is active.
  • petrify (Earth Magic, which deals physical damage) – Petrifies all nearby enemies and stuns them. Damage interrupts this effect and deals additional damage to stunned enemies. This skill has an additional chance to make a devastating blow.

Diablo 4: talent system (here: sorceress)

Diablo 4: Talent system (here: sorceress)

Source: Blizzard

Diablo 4: Talents of the Druid

The following talents shown during the Blizzcon demo (names until now only in English) are grouped into their colored talent trees.

Golden talent tree

  • Heightened Senses – Damage reduction for nearby enemies is increased.
  • Predatory Instinct – Deals increased damage to nearby enemies.
  • Iron Hide – In advertising form, the damage reduction is increased. This bonus will persist for 3 seconds after leaving the bear form.
  • Lupine Swiftness – In werewolf form, the movement speed is increased. This bonus will persist for 3 seconds after the werewolf form is abandoned.
  • overpower – Hit Effect: Chance to knock down slowed enemies in a hit.
  • Call of the Wild – the effect changes depending on the chosen skill of the guide.
    • Wolves – Your chance of a critical hit against the focus target of your wolves is increased.
    • Ravens – Passive raven attacks make enemies vulnerable to a percentage of the damage done.
    • Vine Creeper – The poison duration of the tendril is increased.
  • Rabid strikes – Your werewolf abilities poison the target for a percentage of the damage done.
  • Hunt the Weak – The chance of critical hits against poisoned enemies is increased while your form is changed.
  • Scent of Blood – Causes increased damage to controlled enemies.
  • Feral Spirit – Critical strike damage is increased by using a shapeshifting skill.
  • Quick Shift – After changing your form to another form, your next skill deals more damage.
  • Storm and Claw – While Hurricane or Cataclysm are active, shapeshifting skills deal additional damage than lightning.

Blue talent tree

  • Abundance – Basic skills generate more spirit.
  • Natural balance – Earth and Storm skills that consume spirit restore life.
  • Eye of the storm – Critical Strikes with Storm skills increase the chance for critical hits from non-Storm skills.
  • Ancestral Fortitude – Increase your non-physical resistances.
  • Elemental Exposure – Targets hit by Spirit skills are vulnerable to a percentage of the damage done.
  • Natural Resonance – Earth and Storm skills cause increased damage.
  • Primal Resonance – Earth's abilities inflict increased Crushing Strike damage.
  • Endless Tempest – Increases the duration of hurricane and cataclysm.
  • Earthbind – Hit Effect: Earth skills have a chance to immobilize enemies.
  • Undergrowth – Increases the duration of enemy control effects.
  • Fury of Nature – Hit Effect: Enemies hit by Earth and Storm skills have a chance to receive increased damage from critical hits.
  • Perfect Storm – Storm skills inflict increased damage on vulnerable targets.
  • Earthen Might – Enemies hit by Earth skills suffer increased damage from Earth skills.

(Lists via Icy Veins)

Diablo 4: Gameplay of the druid

In the Druid, the Fire Magic they once possessed was replaced by Storm and Earth magic. They will do much of the Diablo 2 mechanics, such as the Companions.


Druids will be able to transform into different forms, with the process of shapeshifting "seamless". No matter what form you are in – if you use a skill from a particular form, you will start casting in its current form and finish the animation in the form to which the spell is assigned. The forms shown so far in the preview are the human figure, the advertiser and the werewolf. If you want, you can bind all your abilities to a form and stay in that form permanently.

Diablo 4: picture gallery and gameplay video

Attached are several pictures of the Diablo 4 druid and a 20-minute druid gameplay video.

Diablo 4: Druid (Source: Blizzard)

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