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Diablo 4 is just the first, new chapter in the action role-playing saga of Blizzard, and Lilith is just the protagonist of that first story, the developers say in an interview. A return of Diablo is just as impossible as the introduction of well-known as completely new characters – and thus of course, interesting, bad bosses.

Diablo always comes back, somehow that's part of the stories and lore of Blizzard Entertainment's Action RPG saga. In an interview with the employees of AusGamers Game Director Luis Barriga and Art Director John Mueller are getting closer. After seeing an artwork with the angel Inarius and the demon Lilith, both creators of the world Sanctuary, in which our Nephalem heroes always stand up to the evil, the designers were inspired for Diablo 4. "What we love about Sanctuary," says Barriga, "is that the seed has already been planted, there is a rich background story in books and stories, and we've decided to devote ourselves to the myth of the creation of Sanctuary." We have Diablo Fought before and Diablo always comes back – in our case, we wondered what kind of iron we still have in the fire. " As Barriga expresses, it can not be ruled out that Diablo will also play a role in the games for Diablo 4.

That Diablo 4 is not a single, stand-alone game, emphasizes John Mueller in an interview. "Diablo 4 is like the first chapter of a book," he is quoted as saying. "We want to tell a great story – and hopefully for a longer time – we treat it (Diablo 4) as the first chapter of a book and Lilith is the key figure this History. It's great that there are so many other characters that could return in the future. Or new characters that we have not seen so far. "

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The fact that there will be more than one "boss" and that Diablo will return to Sanctuary is also echoed by Barriga: "In Reaper of Souls you also played against Diablo after reaching the maximum level In hindsight, it feels like a little brake, because in the meantime, Malthael has become the real boss. " That's why the Diablo 4 designers wondered what it would be like if they did not bring Diablo back into the game immediately, but take the time to look at some other characters. The interview can be found on the Website of Ausgamers pull into.

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