from Susanne Braun
There are always rumors that there may be news about Diablo Immortal, and every time the fans have raised hopes for nothing. The latest date that those who want the Mobile Diablo should keep an eye on is near: ChinaJoy in China, which starts on July 31, 2020. Why? That will explain to you!

From July 31, 2020, the computer game fair ChinaJoy will be held in Shanghai despite any restrictions due to the corona pandemic, albeit in different forms, as the organizers announced in May 2020. There would be a sophisticated plan so that visitors to the fair can be carried out according to local regulations. Two developer companies participating in the show are NetEase and Blizzard Entertainment; seen "Partners in Crime" regarding the development of Diablo Immortal.

This in turn takes Diablo's fans on Reddit to suspect that ChinaJoy could finally have tangible news about Immortal between July 31 and August 3, 2020. After all, the Asian market is the largest mobile gaming market in the world, on which a beta version of Diablo Immortal could finally be released. A major developer announcement would not be unrealistic.

Furthermore, the rumor is fueled that a ChinaJoy poster (via IcyVeins) was published, which shows artwork from the well-known Blizzard franchises. In addition to Arthas from Warcraft 3 Reforged, Mei and Echo from Overwatch, Tychus from Starcraft 2, and Ragnaros from WoW (or maybe Hearthstone), the barbarian from Diablo 3 can also be seen. Since it hardly makes sense to take the barbarian with the over eight-year-old artwork for Diablo 3 as a substitute for Diablo 4, fans believe that the barbarian is more for Diablo Immortal and information about the game will soon stir up the Internet. We are excited to see if there will be news for everyone waiting soon!

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