Diablo Immortal: Dataminers find new weapon models

of Tanja Barth
It is nearly time! The work on Diablo Immortal is progressing with giant strides and in a few weeks the first alpha testers will be able to put the devilish mobile game through its paces. In the course of the current development, the Wowhead dataminers have found some news such as the armor sets for monks, barbarians and demon hunters. But the gloomy armor is far from the only interesting find, after all, there are plenty of new weapon models in Diablo Immortal that you can check out with us.

Blizzard announced a few weeks ago on the official Diablo Immortal site announced that the technical alpha phase will start shortly. That's good news! But the bad comes right after. For now, only the test players from Australia are allowed to let off steam in the new mobile game from the Diablo universe. It is not known when the other fans will be allowed to properly heat up the demons. So we have no choice but to wait and hope that the Alpha (or the Beta!) From Diablo Immortal can soon be tested in Europe and America.

But that doesn't mean we hear next to nothing new from Diablo Immortal. For example, the Wowhead data miners have searched the currently available installation files from the mobile game for exciting news the first armor sets For Monks, Barbarians, wizard and Demon Hunter found. Today we take a first look at the numerous weapon models from Diablo Immortal. And lo and behold – in addition to classic designs, there are some unusual models that are particularly macabre. This includes, for example, the voracious crossbow, which is strongly attached to the monsters from the popular horror series Stranger Things remind.

We have only selected a few highlights for you. You can find all weapon models on Wowhead. Be sure to check out the gallery of the gruesome arsenal from Diablo Immortal, it's worth it!

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