Diablo 4 should get some elements of an MMORPG. You are not alone in the game world, but always meet other players and there are world bosses that you can fight together. Diablo Immortal also goes in the direction of an MMORPG. Therefore, the mobile game could already offer an insight into what we can expect with Diablo 4.

Does Diablo Immortal offer a taste of Diablo 4?

If you read through the review reports from the editors who have already played Diablo Immortal, some of it sounds a lot like what Blizzard has planned for Diablo 4. The Hack and Slay should be based a little on World of Warcraft:

  • You will meet other players in the game world
  • There are servers on which tens of thousands of players cavort
  • There are elements that you play in the group
  • Some dungeons require groups of players
  • There should be world events
  • World bosses must be dealt with together

But the gameplay of a Diablo remains the same. You play from the perspective from above and fight tons of enemies to collect loot and improve your character. That seems to be basically what Diablo 4 wants to offer as well. Now we can't play Diablo Immortal in this country yet. The alpha test is only available for Australia for now. But we will probably also be able to play in the coming year. Then Diablo Immortal could give us an interesting insight into the future of the Hack-and-Slay series and give us a foretaste of what awaits us with Diablo 4.

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