When gamers hear the name Diablo, they immediately have the image of an angry, power-hungry and red demon who leaves no stone unturned in throwing the idyllic world of Sanctuary into chaos. Not surprising. Because Diablo has been an integral part of the brands that belong to Blizzard Entertainment since the release of the dungeon crawler Diablo 1 in 1996.

Diablo the dog

But many a television affine person may not necessarily combine the name Diablo with the bright red demon face of Blizzard’s Diablo, but with the animated dog Diablo from the upcoming animation series HouseBroken by Fox Entertainment. The dog, described as a nervous and obsessive doggo and voiced by actor Tony Hale, is now at the center of a dispute between Blizzard Entertainment and Fox Media officials.

What is HouseBroken?

Wikipedia Commented: “HouseBroken follows an anthropomorphic therapy dog ​​named Honey who researches human dysfunctions and neuroses by applying his knowledge of psychiatry by leading a group of other anthropomorphic animals in the neighborhood in group therapy sessions.” The start of the series is scheduled for May 31, 2021 in the USA.

Diablo, the food bowl

As the GamesIndustry.biz authors report, the people from Fox Media wanted to register the name “Diablo” as a brand, probably to bring HouseBroken-branded merchandise to viewers; including pet food. The people in charge at Blizzard Entertainment, on the other hand, don’t find this funny and therefore filed an objection at the end of April 2021. On the one hand, the name Diablo has already been trademarked several times by the Blizzardians (namely in 2000, 2003 and 2009), how to read up leaves.

Diablo 4: The Slayer in the brilliant cinematic trailer

“The commercial strength of the opponent’s mark DIABLO is so great that the use or registration or a confusingly similar mark for goods connected to an entertainment object, entertainment property, is likely to cause confusion or errors,” argue the lawyers of Blizzard Entertainment. Of course, the people at Blizzard hope that the objection will be granted, but it is uncertain when a decision can be expected.

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