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Apparently there will soon be animation series by both Diablo and Overwatch. Appropriate information can be found on the LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk, who is the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios. An official announcement has so far not been made.

Apparently fans of the two Blizzard brands Diablo and Overwatch will soon be able to look forward to an independent animation series. This suggests at least current entries in the LinkedIn profile of Nick van Dyk. It is the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios, who previously worked as a producer for the Netflix series Skylanders Academy.

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As can be seen from the profile, the action role-playing game brand Diablo is said to have a series that is rendered in "anime style" – similar to the Castlevania series, which has already been expanded over three seasons. The Diablo adaptation is currently supposed to be in pre-production and will later be shown on the Netflix streaming service. Incidentally, this report is not too surprising, since there were rumors and information about a Diablo series at Netflix last year.

But that's not all: Nick van Dyk's LinkedIn profile also shows that he probably produced and sold an animation series based on the shooter brand Overwatch. So far, however, who has secured the relevant rights is as little known as concrete details about the content of the series. It is quite possible that this series will ultimately also end up on Netflix.

An official confirmation or announcement from Activision Blizzard is pending so far, so you should at least enjoy the whole thing with some caution for the time being. Nevertheless, there is currently some indication that the two Blizzard brands will soon be seen in series format. Blizzzard had announced some time ago that it had big plans for Overwatch.

Source: LinkedIn

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