As it now turns out, PlayStation 5 is probably not the same as PlayStation 5. Several players report audible differences in their consoles. Apparently Sony produced different models.

PlayStation 5
Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PlayStation 5)

Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PlayStation 5)

Different PS5 models?

Like the French website Les Numeriques reported, not all "PlayStation 5" consoles delivered are identical in construction. With the built-in Fans should there be differences.

In the social networks, a number of players have reported, their volume their PS5 doesn't quite match the advertised silence.

In an exact Comparison and disassembly Les Numeriques found out of two PS5 copies that two different fan models are the reason for the different volume:

Disassembled PS5 cooling unit. (Image source: Les Numeriques.)
Disassembled PS5 cooling unit. (Image source: Les Numeriques.)
The different fan models of the PS5. (Image source: Les Numeriques.)
The different fan models of the PS5. (Image source: Les Numeriques.)

It can be clearly seen that the Shape and the distance the fan blades on the models are not identical. This explains the acoustic difference.

The quieter variant is included 39 decibels, whereas the other model 43 decibels achieve. Not a huge difference, but still noticeable. Do you need a jet like the one PS4 fear? Fortunately, this is not the case, the PS5 is still considerably quieter despite this difference.

Can you choose a PS5 model with a quiet fan?

Unfortunately there would be no way before that purchase find out which fan is installed in the PS5. Only dismantling shows which model you have caught. Les Numeriques got whole five consoles tested and of these two had the quieter and the remaining three the somewhat louder fan.

You might even be able to access a third model as shown in the PS5 teardown video. Another fan variant is presented there.

It looks like Sony is even moving with the installation of different fan models legally safe side. A manufacturer is allowed to install different parts within their product as long as it is his function easily met. And this is what both fans do.

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For all sound fetishists there is still the possibility to swap the fan for another model by hand. Otherwise, gamers with the louder fan will have to be content with it. Which PS5 model did you catch? Visit us on Facebook and tell us about it in the comments.