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Game Producer Yoshinori Kitase explained in a nutshell what kind of players are in the remake of Final Fantasy 7, the game modes "Easy" and "Normal" – and how the difficulty levels differ. Whether there will be a Hard Mode is not yet known. Fans who played the original, but would be happy about it.

The creators of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will not tire of presenting you with little infos to the game until the release of the re-launched version of the popular cult JRPG on March 3, 2020. And such a bite comes again from Game Producer Yoshinori Kitase, who explains to you this time in the short video clip, what is the difference between the Easy Mode and the Normal Mode of FFVII Remake.

According to Kitase, the Easy Mode is especially suitable for the players, who are mainly interested in the story of the remake. "The difference is very simple," says Kitase. "In Easy Mode, the damage done to the opponent by the opponent is increased a bit, while the damage the player has to take from the opponent's attacks is reduced compared to normal mode."

Of course, there is no rocket science behind the balancing of the two easiest levels of difficulty. They wonder if there will be a Hard Mode in Final Fantasy 7 Remake or how the difficulty of New Game + will be, if this game mode even gets into the JRPG. At least many fans who have played the original would like to have a hard fashion, although some other players, of course, quite rightly bear in mind that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a completely different game. Obviously, with the different difficulty levels Easy and Normal, no complicated adjustments with regard to the charging rates of the ATB are planned. How that will work in the end, you will find out by March 2020 at the latest.

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