Pokémon and Digimon have been a constant companion for us in recent years. Some liked that, others preferred that. But why favor one when you can have both? Thanks to the community, Digimon now also has a place in Pokémon sword and shield.

Thanks to the commitment of fans, games are regularly added to the game with the help of mods. mud Hallow made it his business to unite pocket monsters and Digimon in one game using the latest Pokémon games sword and shield.

Agumon, I choose you!

[Pokémon Sword & Shield Mod] Agumon from Hallow on Vimeo,

Charmander is replaced

Hallow was not able to actually work the Digimon into the game. So he just worked on the skins, replacing the Charmander family. However, this is all about cosmetics. Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreyMon and WarGreymon move just like Charmander and Co., are also called that, but basically combine both series.

However, there is a catch: The whole thing only works with a modded switch. But for everyone else, Hallow published a short video about his work and shares a special moment with die-hard fans.