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Director Christophe Gans made the first film for Silent Hill, but didn't want to return for part 2. Now he gets the chance to capture his vision of the dark world on the screen again.

Even if the story of the film Silent Hill from 2006 could not convince the fans so much, because the implementation of the city, the creatures and the atmosphere was praised. Part 2, however, was generally not very well received. Perhaps this will change with the third film that is currently being worked on.

Return to Silent Hill

Director Christophe Gans announced to return for a new film in the Silent Hill series. He directed the first strip, but did not return for part 2. He thought he hadn't seen that part at all. So what he plans to do with the third film is uncertain. Will it be a sequel? Then maybe he should watch Part 2 beforehand. Does he possibly tell a completely new story and we get a kind of reboot? Gans only said that the series would always have the atmosphere of an American, Puritan town for him.

When we started with the third part of Silent Hill (buy now) is still unclear. Christophe Gans is currently also working on the film adaptation of the Project Zero game series, also known as Fatal Frame. Here, too, a horror film awaits us, which takes place in a cursed house.

Source: Dark Horizons

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This game made us fear: Silent Hill, released in 1999, is considered to be a co-founder of the horror game genre together with Resident Evil.

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