Director Phillips comments on sequel rumors

from Lena Simmerl
Now comes a sequel to Joker, or not? Various news of the last days caused a lot of confusion in this question. Director Todd Phillips finally commented on the rumors that had been on the internet for a while.

As the movie Joker (buy now for 35,99 €) the a billion dollar mark at the box office cracked, Warner Bros. probably had their corks neatly popped. Especially when you consider that the film itself cost only $ 55 million. For director Todd Phillips, the film has been well worth it. The audience was convinced the love of the Joker for eternity was recorded in Memes. And by the way, Phillips earned $ 100 million and a golden nose. Pretty big numbers. Numbers that are screaming for a sequel.

The news contradicts each other

Granted, the last few days there have been some twists and turns about a Joker movie sequel. Just last Wednesday, the Hollywood reporter's message held up hopes that, given the film's high revenue, Philips would be able to win the rights to another DC movie.

Also on Wednesday, the portals Deadline and The Wrap wrote that there was no deal for another joker movie between Warner Bros. boss Toby Emmerich and director Phillips and they did not meet either. Although Phillips put forward ideas for further independent DC films, these had been rejected.

What's right?

Yesterday, Thursday, Phillips interfered in the confusion and rumors to clarify things. According to IndieWire, he said that there really was no meeting between him and Emmerich, as Deadline and The Wrap wrote. That the submitted ideas for further DC films were rejected, is also correct.

The bottom line is that it no sequel for Joker will give. The film was planned and filmed as a "standalone" movie and that's probably how it should be. At least for the time being. Maybe Warner Bros. will let you in for a sequel. We will see.

What do you think of this decision? Would you like a sequel to the movie, or do you agree with Warner Bros.? Write us in the comments!

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