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Marc Jobst explains that the battle in the last episode of The Witcher's Netflix series was the most complex he has ever made. In addition, it is very important to him that fighting doesn't just show action, but basically tells a story.

For director Marc Jobst, the battle was in the last episode of Season 1 of the Netflix series The Witcher with the most complex thing he has ever done as a director. Because the crew had to deal with a very heavy rain, which made the recordings difficult.

Battles are not just action

The wet floor eventually made it impossible to film everything the director had thought up. In addition, the Sodden Hill battle wasn't filmed in one place, but in several. To create a coherent "choreography" here was hard work.

In addition, it was important to him not just to show action. As in the fight between Geralt and Renfri in the first episode, such battles should always tell a story for him and put the characters and their development in the foreground. That's why you see Yennefer fall back into old movement patterns in the final fight when she was wounded.

However, Marc Jobst admits that he didn't really deal with The Witcher before working on the series. It was important to him that the story and the scenes work for everyone who is enthusiastic about fantasy and not just for Witcher fans.

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