Director Zack Snyder wants to see Sequel

from Andreas Bertits
Director Zack Snyder would love to see a sequel to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. He apparently ignores the film Justice League.

Director Zack Snyder has something about his film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spoken, mentioning that he would like to see a sequel. Doesn't it already exist?

What about the Justice League?

"You know, they should do a sequel to this film one day, that would be great," Synder said of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justic. "That would really be different. Yes, I want to know what happens to these guys. I mean, don't educate them at some point, I don't know, one …" Of course he means the Justice League. But this was basically founded in the Justice League film. Zack Synder had largely shot this film before turning over to Joss Whedon due to a family tragedy. He re-shot parts of the film and something came into the cinema that had little to do with the original vision of the film.

Since then fans have been calling for a "snyder cut" in the film. But we will probably never see this. Probably no more than a Justice League 2, because the DC cinema universe currently looks rather chaotic. We get a new Batman that no longer plays in this universe, but Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash continue to operate in this universe. Zack Snyder had also planned five Justice League films. Probably none of them will be produced anymore.

Source: Latino Review

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