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The Hearthstone has a long tradition in WoW, but sometimes it doesn't work the way players expect it to. Currently, the Pacts “new” Hearthstone is causing discussion – and one user makes a strange discovery after using their Hearthstone.

The Hearthstone is one of the most important items in World of Warcraft that players use on their journeys through Azeroth and beyond. It teleports us reliably and quickly to the inn we trust and convinces with low cooldown times as well send optical effects. But the Hearthstone is currently causing a stir among WoW players in the Shadowlands – and not necessarily in a positive sense.

The thing about the Pact Hearthstone

As of this week, you can unlock a "new" Hearthstone as part of your pact's campaign as soon as you reach fame level 11. Some players were particularly excited about this Hearthstone because the preview of the Pact Rewards for the corresponding Fame Level suggested that it was an additional Hearthstone that teleports players directly to the Pact Sanctum.

But that is not the case, as buyers of the Hearthstone had to find out: Whoever buys the item for 750 Anima does not get an additional Hearthstone, just a toy. This toy changes the appearance of the animation of your regular Hearthstone according to your pact affiliation. So you only get a kind of transmog for your hearthstone – the Reddit area is therefore filling up increasingly with comments from frustrated fanswho actually wanted a real hearthstone.

The thing about the cooldown

But while the WoW community reacts disappointed to the Hearthstone toy, another player has much more serious problems: A particularly strange case when using a Hearthstone recently happened to Reddit user Hirikor, who published a picture of his Hearthstone in his character's inventory . The problem: His Hearthstone currently apparently has a cooldown of 50 days:

It currently remains unclear whether this is a display error that may be related to an add-on, or whether the Hearthstone really needs 50 days to recharge. The case is curious, or what do you think? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think of the Pact Hearthstone Toy!

Source: Icy-Veins (1, 2)

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