from Dominik Zwingmann
A gameplay video of a previously unknown and discontinued Sucker Punch project has appeared on the Internet. There are scenes from Prophecy for almost ten minutes. The makers of the studio released their current work with Ghost of Tsushima a few days ago. A look at the material shows that the title has definitely spent some time in development.

Just a few days ago, the Sucker Punch team released Ghost of Tsushima, the studio's newest game for PlayStation 4. A gameplay video has now appeared on the Internet that gives us a look at a project that Sucker Punch has closed. The title bears the code name "Prophecy" and shows a clearly different setting than is known from Ghost of Tsushima or Infamous at the time. We have included the video of the project below the paragraph.

The material shows protagonist Abel Tvorah in a medieval city with some steampunk elements. In addition to gameplay, several sequences including English voice-overs can be seen. So the project seems to have been in development for a long time. The leak is first in the 4Chan forum surfaced after a user viewed the portfolio of a character designer from Ghost of Tsushima who was listed in the credits of the samurai title. The artist's portfolio has meanwhile been taken offline – but some pictures and the video are left. Also in ResetERA forum there is some material to see.

Before Sucker Punch decided on Ghost of Tsushima as the next project, the studio is said to have tried several projects. Prophecy seems to be one of those attempts. At the start of the PS4 era, Sucher Punch already released two games in 2014 with Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: Last Light.

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