The life cycle of the current console generation ends with the 2020 game year. At the latest for the upcoming Christmas festival, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are retiring after having given us numerous gaming highlights for 7 years. However, there were also some promising titles that we never saw on the current gen consoles because they were canceled before the release. We once put together the ten games that we really would have loved to see.

In the few screenshots and artwork by prject Ragtag there is a real Star Wars feeling.

Project Ragtag only has a few concept drawings and almost 10 seconds of alpha gameplay material.

Source: EA, Disney

Countless of your own specials can be made about all the Star Wars video game implementations that have been set. What we have already done. Therefore, we would rather at this point prefer to forego the often discussed Star Wars 1313 around bounty hunter Boba Fett. Instead, it's supposed to be another game that was so early in development that it didn't even have a name, just a cool working title: Project Ragtag. Of course, there is still some information about it: According to reports, Project Ragtag should become a third-person action adventure in the war of the stars universe. The title had probably been in the making since 2013. Dead space maker Visceral Games was responsible and none other than Amy Hennig acted as lead director – known as a leading figure in the development of Legacy of Kain or Uncharted.

Their vision was a linear single player adventure that was supposed to play at the time of episode 4. The plot focused on the large-scale robbery of a group of bandits, should be told from the perspective of several playable characters, and even fit into the canon of Star Wars films and series. However, the Frostbite engine, differences with Disney and high expectations from publisher EA caused constant problems. Finally, Sargnagel was the release of Star Wars Battlefront in November 2015, for which developers Ragtag were pulled. In 2016 there was still an E3 presentation and an internal demo, but ultimately the project was evaporated and Visceral Games dissolved.

The Silent Hills teaser "P. T." taught many gamers fear.

What can be so scary about going down a hall? Anyone who has ever used the "P.T." silent hills teaser has played the answer.

Source: Farhan Qureshi

"We want you to get your pants on!", These are the words with which Hideo Kojima advertised his latest work Silent Hills in a 2014 interview – the ninth main part of the time-honored survival horror series from Konami. The Japanese developer icon had come up with a lot for him: collaboration with Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro, walking dead star Norman Reedus in the main role, first person view instead of third person perspective. All promising approaches, but by now the last one should know that in the end nothing came of it.

In August 2014, Kojima Productions released an iconic playable teaser, P.T. for short, which won prizes due to its unique atmosphere, repeatedly fulfilled the promise of the soaked pants and gave many players hope for a full version. Unfortunately, it never came. Instead, Kojima overthrew himself with Konami – which not only led him to leave the company in 2015 and the Silent Hills project was discontinued. The demo was also removed from the PSN store and can no longer be downloaded today. In 2019, Death Stranding finally released a Kojima work for the PS4. Even with the participation of Reedus and del Torro. Still, there is always the thought of what could have become of Silent Hills …

The look and setting of Fable Legends were familiar, but the gameplay was revolutionary new.

Unfortunately, Fable Legends did not become anything, but several rumors are currently circulating online that Playground Games will soon announce Fable 4

Source: Microsoft

But not only the Playstation 4 suffered various losses in the exclusive segment. Microsoft has also buried some well-known titles in the digital cemetery. Sometimes the most prominent example: Fable Legends, which has almost a tragic story behind it. The responsible Lionhead Studios actually had big plans for the popular role-playing game franchise and wanted to develop a dark Fable 4 in the style of Skyrim and Mass Effect. Parent company Microsoft thought little of it. Rather, the Xbox company had a Games-As-A-Service title in mind, with free-to-play and payment elements that would permanently generate money.

Despite these differences, development began in 2012 and soon produced results that could be presented: At Gamescom 2013, the official announcement followed, first gameplay in 2014. In it, Fable Legends presented itself as an MMO in the established world, albeit several hundred years before the action of the three main parts. The core concept, however, was completely new: with four heroes you competed online against a villain and completed quests. All participants were controlled either by real players or the AI. The planned release was in 2016. Until then, the RPG was still in a closed beta phase, was almost technically completed, and the first infrastructure was donated – only to be discontinued after 75 million dollars in production costs. Too much loss for Microsoft, which is why these Lionhead, despite several purchase offers, stamped out.

Alien figures ride a kind of space horse. This is how Internal 7 appears in the few known pictures.

The figures of Internal 7 also look mystical and fabled. However, the title would have been set in a sci-fi setting and not in a world of the Nordic gods.

Source: Imgur

With its in-house documentary "Raising Kratos", Santa Monica Studios delivered an impressive look behind the scenes of game development last year. In the almost two-hour long feature, participants such as Game Director Cory Barlog talk about the pressure that comes with the publication of a Triple-A title like God of War. In addition, important moments from the development phase of the game are shown again – such as the first E3 appearance of the action adventure. Not only God of War is mentioned in Raising Kratos, also a previously unknown title called Internal 7 – a game that the California developers were probably working on for the GoW reboot, but then had to discontinue it in his favor.

Quite a shame, because in the descriptions of those responsible, the project makes a very promising impression: The Sony exclusive studio tried something new there. Internal 7 went more in the direction of science fiction, instead of melee this time gunplay was in the foreground. The few concept drawings shown, on which fantastic creatures and futuristic elements can be seen, also look really promising. Overall, according to studio boss Shannon Studstill, the project was in pre-production for about 37 months and should have been completed later by the manpower of the God of War Ascension team. Instead, work on the new IP 2014 finally came to a standstill. "It is in a dream that literally died," Studstill later revealed in an emotional statement.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots

In Rainbow Six: Patriots, civilians would also have got caught in the crossfire.

In Rainbox Six: Patriots you would have faced a terrorist militia called "True Patriots", which would not have stopped at civilian victims either.

Source: Ubisoft

If you can believe Ubisoft, good old Tom Clancy was probably one of the most productive writers of his time. After all, his name can be found on dozens of works by the French publisher. Be it Tom Clancy's The Division, Ghost Recon or Splinter Cell – according to the current status there are 50 titles based on the novelist universes of the American writer. And it could have been a few more if some game developments had not been stopped prematurely. This is what happened with Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Patriots – a tactical shooter designed by Ubisoft Montreal.

He was supposed to play in New York City, where you face a terrorist group called "True Patriots". This populist militia committed itself to cleaning up Wall Street corruption and supporting the little man in an act of vigilante justice. The story should be even more emotional than before and also focus on moral decisions. After its unveiling in December 2011, Rainbow Six: Patriots fell silent. The game makes headlines only because of various staff departures. Among other things, the creative director, the narrative director and the lead designer left the project. This led to a postponement to 2013. In June 2014, Patriots was finally discontinued. The process of making the game designed for PS3 and Xbox 360 fit for the new generation of consoles would have simply become too labor-intensive. Instead, Ubisoft turned to a new project that was released just a year and a half later: Rainbow Six Siege.

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