Discord gives away upgrades to help you in the Corona crisis

Discord has now given some features a free upgrade so that people can keep in touch and work better together.

The spread of the Cororan virus forces many people to stay at home. Many online apps are used so that they can continue to work and communicate. Discord is very popular among gamers – and their operators want it help those who cannot or do not want to leave the house a little.

Discord? Team peak? Where's the difference? Here are the answers:

On Twitter, Discord announced:

So that companies, students or just friends can better communicate with each other, Discord increases the limit for live streams or screen sharing from 10 to 50 users. This upgrade will only be available for the next few months, but should be available as long as it is needed most.

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Discord is not just a tool that lets you talk to each other while playing: it can be used in companies for communication and project management. It is also often used to build a community, especially among streamers and YouTubers. However, all users benefit from the upgrade.