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Already in 2018 it was said that a TV series on Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett was in the works, now several series are in production. However, it is unclear which books should be implemented.

Disc fans will have an interesting future ahead of them. Because the TV station BBC currently uses one DiscworldSeries called The Watch um, Motive Pictures and Endeavor Content are also working on series on the subject.

Discworld on TV

"Discworld is teeming with unique characters, funny stories, and incredible literary tropes, and we think these should be done on TV in a form that my father would be proud of," said Rhianna Pratchett, co-director of Narrativia and Terry Pratchett's daughter. "It is wonderful to start this journey with motifs and Endeavor content, both of which perfectly share our vision of making this happen."

"Discworld books are rightly a great source of joy for millions of readers. Every paragraph, phrase and footnote has been designed with brilliance and flair and we are committed to bringing Terry's world to the screen with respect and care that she deserves, "said Rob Wilkins, managing director of Narrativia. "With this partnership, we are pleased that Discworld has finally found its home."

Simon Maxwell, CEO of Motive Pictures, added: "Discworld is a national treasure and we are excited to forge this new partnership with Narrativia and Endeavor Content. Together we will produce shows that are loved by millions of Discworld fans worldwide, while making Sir Terry Pratchett's epic creations and legacy accessible to a new audience. We created motifs to produce high quality British shows of global scale and impact, and I can’t imagine anything that illustrates this ambition than this extremely exciting partnership. "

So we get to see several series on Discworld. What novels are being implemented and when we can watch the series is not yet known.

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