A real lightsaber, just like in Star Wars? What sounded like the fantasy of Disney board member Josh D’Amaro a few days ago is now a certainty. As early as next year, fans should be able to see and probably buy a lightsaber that lights up and whose laser blade can be fully retracted.

Update from 05/05/2021: Now it’s official, Disney is taking the next big step with Star Wars merchandise and presents a “real” lightsaber. Behind closed doors, a Disney board of directors had already given a glimpse of the fantasy weapon (more on this below). Now the lightsaber has been unveiled and a purpose should already be determined. In a video, the Disney group shows its plans:

The new lightsaber will first be part of the new interactive and immersive experience “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” including an overnight stay at the Walt Disney Resort. Visitors will probably only see it in action there with the actors. Development is still going on, loud The Verge get the lightsabers there can also buy from the opening in 2022. One assumes a price of at least $ 200, which is currently around 167 euros. It is not yet known whether or when the laser swords may also be available through other sales channels.

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Disney boss shows “real” lightsaber: that’s behind it

Exactly like in the films and series of the Star Wars franchise it will not be – and still make the hearts of many fans around the world beat faster: According to several reports on Twitter, Josh D’Amaro, Disney board member responsible for Amusement parks and product development, recently at a press event practically incidentally a new lightsaber was revealed.

Actually, it was about the opening of the new “Avengers Campus” in California. Towards the end of his presentation, however, D’Amaro is said to have drawn his sword. Melting steel doors, epic sword fights over airy abysses, severing entire body parts – none of this will be possible with it. But Disney apparently has another one Solve the problem that previous merchandise lightsabers had.

The lightsaber that D’Amaro showed can apparently disappear completely under the handle and be extended again – and shines like a “real one” from the films. Previous products were usually equipped with detachable halogen tubes, like those that are installed in millions of ceiling lights. The resourceful inventor Ben Ridout showed on Twitter how this would be possible:

Two meter rulers and LEDs: the magic behind the lightsaber?

According to TheVerge The concept is similar to a patent from Disney from 2018. And that unfortunately completely disenchants the special lightsaber: there are two motors in the handle that are similar like a tape measure rolled up paper or thin metal move out. One located between the semicircular side walls created in this way LED module provides light and color. Everything is powered by three motors in the handle.

Not enough of Disney yet? The Disney + streaming service offers:

That’s how simple the magic behind the lightsaber is. For real fans it should still be a sensation. However, it is not yet known whether the product will be launched or when. But it is also not likely that D’Amaro will just be waving a new lightsaber at an official appointment. Only one thing is certain: this model would not be stable enough for a lightsaber fight either.