Disputed payment model was "communicated unclearly"

After the once failed Battle Royale The Culling tried to relaunch with a "Pay per Match" model and got a shit storm, developer Xaviant is now trying to explain.

The Battle Royale game The Culling had to be withdrawn from the market in 2018 because it was no longer profitable. In one interview With PC Gamer, Josh Van Veld from Xaviant explains what went wrong back then and what mistakes were made to relaunch it.

Towards the end of 2018, The Culling switched to a Free2Play model and the number of players went up significantly. The developers had not counted on the high number and the cost of keeping the game going was not covered by the revenue. Xaviant, however, lost track.

“We quickly won a million new players, which was overwhelming in a way. But at that time we didn't immediately have an insight into their spending habits and everything else. It took us a while to figure out what monetization was relative to our costs, but we spend tens of thousands of dollars every month. ”

"We were afraid that all players would return"

With the relaunch, they wanted to do everything better and In order not to fall into the same trap again, Xaviant opted for a “pay per match” model. Van Veld regrets how the new model was communicated, it would simply have lacked clarity. However, he does not explain what the players misunderstood about "you should first pay for the game and then for each match".

The announcement video on YouTube now has 33,000 downvotes with 165,000 views and in the comments you can hardly find a good word about the game and its payment model.

Incidentally, something has changed in the model, instead of one free game a day, there are now ten. Otherwise, Xaviant sticks to the model.

Original message from May 14, 2020

Failed Battle Royale returns with questionable payment model

The game The Culling 2 returns to Xbox One and has a rather bizarre innovation to the relaunch of luggage: You should pay per match.

The Culling 2 seems to have something of an identity crisis, thinking it's an arcade machine from the 80s. The game appeared once in 2018 in the Free2Play model, but was discontinued due to a lack of players, now it wants to be paid for per match.

The game returns as The Culling Origins and costs $ 6 for new players.

Another new thing is that you only can play one match a day for free and have to pay for each additional one. Unless you win a Battle Royale, you will then receive another match token. These can of course also can be bought as a bundle or as weekly and monthly passeswhich then allow unlimited play.

The comments below the announcement trailer speak volumes and most find it incredible how developer Xaviant can believe players will accept this deal. Just a battle royale, which often that "Just one more round"Triggering feelings in players is a very questionable genre for such a model.

However, it is questionable whether his model can even compete against Free2Play games like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite. Of course, this also has monetization models, the game itself, but costs nothing extra.

Would you buy a Battle Royale game that you should pay for per match?