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Fallout without America – is that even possible? A hard-working team of modders wants to show that it definitely works. The reveal trailer for the DLC-sized mod “Fallout: London” is definitely promising and convinces with the atmosphere presented.

The games in the Fallout franchise have one thing in common: we’re always exploring the post-apocalypse of nuclear power in the United States. Whether it’s New Vegas, Washington DC or Boston – we don’t leave the remnants of America, not even in DLCs that take us to Pittsburgh or Zion National Park, for example. The fate of the rest of the world is actually a very interesting puzzle that many players would have liked to have explained. Fortunately, there is the hard-working fan community: The DLC-sized mod Fallout: London, which takes place in the post-apocalyptic heart of the former Empire, was unveiled with a chic trailer:

Fallout: London shows that you can do without Americana

Because fallout is mostly based on Americana aesthetic and the sci-fi look of the USA continues in the 50s (you just look at Cadillacs, that have wings like a spaceship), of course, the question arises what Fallout would look like outside of the usual terrain. But the trailer looks promising: The music comes from Vera Lynn, the was an inspiration to many Britons in the UK in the 1940sto survive World War II. Visually, buildings like Big Ben, places like Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace create the right atmosphere. And the residents of London also look like official Fallout factions: absurd Arthurian knights, punks and WW1 soldiers. In addition, there are monsters waiting in the London “Tube” for unprepared adventurers.

When will Fallout: London be released?

Unfortunately, it is still uncertain when the project will appear. Modding undertakings of this magnitude can often take years, sometimes without a successful release. We keep our fingers crossed for the makers, because the refreshing setting would definitely be worth a visit – is there still fish & chips?

The developers of Fallout: London keep sharing updates on their work, for example through channels like Twitter, your website, the own subreddit or Youtube-Kanal. Independent mods for weapons & Co you can Download for Fallout 4 right now.

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