Yesterday evening, on February 24, 2020, the new content package for The Elder Scrolls Online was released for all PC players, consisting of the paid dungeon DLC Harrowstorm and the free update 25. Owners of a Playstation 4 or Xbox One can pounce on the new content from March 10th. And what exactly can you expect? Well, we have already summarized this in detail in the following articles:

And here are the official patch notes:

Here are the highlights again:

  • Group dungeon ice cap
  • Unholy Grave group dungeon
  • New item sets and collectibles
  • The start of the year-long adventure "The Black Heart of Skyrim"
  • Performance improvements (update 25)
  • Patch system revision (update 25)
  • Various bug fixes and balance changes (Update 25)

The DLC is available free of charge to all ESO Plus members. Alternatively, you can purchase the content package in the Crown Shop. You can find the two new dungeons on the coast of Wrothgar (no, you don't need the DLC Orsinium to enter Ice Cap) and in Bangkorai.

With the developers in the ice cap dungeon

By the way, we recently had the opportunity to let the developers at Zenimax take us through one of the dungeons of the new DLC. We chose Ice Cap because we really want to see the witches up close. In addition, the icy setting of the dungeon fits the TESO theme better (buy now for € 89.95) this year: the black heart of Skyrim, The following picture gallery reveals what we have experienced in the Dungeon Ice Cap.

TESO: Harrowstorm – Together with the developers of Zenimax we fight our way through an underground cave area to enter the ice cape dungeon. (Source: Zenimax)

During the tour we talked to the developers about the noticeably smaller installation size of The Elder Scrolls Online. Like the PTR client, the live client is now comparatively slim 68 GB. Before it was 90 GB. The installation size on the consoles is said to decrease by as much as 30 GB and the loading times are 30 to 40 percent faster.

We also talked to the developers about their plan to embed the dungeon DLC even more in the year-round story in the new year – after all, there are also many lonely wolves in Tamriel that only pounce on the chapter and the story DLC want. However, the developers assured us that the chapter and the story DLC should work on their own again this year. If you play the dungeon DLCs, you simply get more background information, for example learn in Eiskap how the Gramsturm come about, which we will meet again and again in the chapter Greymoor.

How does it look: Have you already looked at the new Harrowstorm dungeons? How do you like the beginning of "The Black Heart of Skyrim"? Let us know in the comments!

TESO: The Black Heart of Skyrim – Cinematic Trailer

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With the release of Update 25 there is a new installation of The Elder Scrolls Online. Do you have any questions? Here are the answers:

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