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With "Mandate of Heaven" Creative Assemble has announced another DLC for the strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms. The focus here is on the so-called rebellion of the yellow turbans. In addition, several new warlords await you. A suitable trailer can be seen in the message.

If you urgently need supplies for the strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms, you will get your money's worth very soon. Because as the developer studio Creative Assembly has announced, the new DLC called "Mandate of Heaven" will be released on January 16. The download expansion is said to cost 9.99 euros, but there is currently a special for pre-orders where you can save ten percent.

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According to Creative Assembly, "Mandate of Heaven" is the most detailed and largest DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms so far (buy now for 38.88 €), The game takes place in 182 AD – shortly before the famous rebellion of the Yellow Turbans. You experience all of this as part of a completely new campaign in which you have access to half a dozen additional warlords with individual skills. These include the Zhang brothers and the Emperor Ling. The story goes back to the great era of the Three Realms. In addition, around 40 new combat units as well as several brand new game mechanics and events are on the program.

A first trailer that will get you in the mood for the upcoming release of the DLC "Mandate of Heaven" can be found directly below this message. There are also some screenshots in our online gallery.

Source: Creative assembly

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Trailer for the DLC "Mandate of Heaven"

The DLC "Mandate of Heaven" will be released in January 2020 for Total War: Three Kingdoms. (2) (Source: Creative Assembly)

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Total War Three Kingdoms – Debut trailer for the DLC "Eight Princes"

The developer studio Creative Assembly uses this trailer to announce the new DLC "Eight Princes" for the strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms. The action takes place about 100 years after the events of the main game and focuses on younger characters. They all bring unique mechanics for the campaign as well as playing styles. The release of the download extension is scheduled for August 8, 2019. The DLC "Eight Princes" for Total War: Three Kingdoms will be released in August 2019. (1)PC

Total War Three Kingdoms: New DLC "Eight Princes" announced

With "Eight Princes" Creative Assembly has announced a new DLC for the strategy game Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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