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Recently, a new Nintendo patent popped up that apparently shows stand-alone Joy-Con controllers for the Switch. Could it solve the handheld console's biggest problem?

Nintendo Switch

Switch: Joy-Cons have had a bad rap for years

It has long been known to many Switch players big problems with the Joy-Con controllers because they wear out easily, can be controlled spongy or simply break quickly. Even Nintendo is aware of this problem, which is why they offered free repairs for a while.

Now a Nintendo-patent On that possibly shows a new type of Joy-Con controller. Are these a replacement for the current models or rather for the Switch-Pro, which is rumored to appear next year?

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Nintendo Switch Lite, Standard, yellow "src ="

Nintendo Switch Lite, standard, yellow

So the same and yet very different

The patent was filed in Japan in May 2018 and registered internationally in April 2020. You can see several pictures of Joy-Con controllers, however, there are some differences to the current models. On the one hand, the sliding bar to connect the controller directly to the console is missing, and on the other hand some buttons are missing in the pictures, such as the plus and minus signs.

The patent could either be a prototype for stand-alone Joy-Con, which would be useful for Switch Lite users, for example, or models for a Switch Pro, which could appear in the 1st quarter of 2021.

In itself it would be from Nintendo a good idea to replace the outdated Joy-Con modelsOn the other hand, a patent is never a guarantee that the product will actually appear. What would you think of the new Joy-Con controllers? Feel free to write it to us in the Facebook comments.