Do we need a level phase in World of Warcraft?

"The maximum level is increased to 120 in Battle for Azeroth!" When I heard Blizzard's enthusiastic announcement for the new level limit two years ago, I was a little scared of the number alone. Level 120. Sounds like a long way, doesn't it? I briefly pondered how long I've been playing WoW and how long my death knight has been with me since Wrath of the Lich King (and my hunter before).

For a WoW veteran like me alone, the ten new levels that you had to complete in the current expansion should sound like a simple task. Still, I was annoyed by the idea of ​​leaving behind my artifact weapons and almost all of the successes I've achieved so far. In the first few moments, I actually didn't think about the great story that Blizzard will tell us on the new islands, but about the dreary everyday life and the associated stress of having to keep up with the rest of the team in order to literally not miss anything. Because let's face it, those who are not freshly groomed and well-equipped on the mat in the first phase of a new expansion will quickly lose touch in WoW. Ultimately, this means that you have to rush through the level phase and mostly neglect the story (!) So that you are ready as quickly as possible, after all, the first raid opens its doors after just a few weeks.

The level phase should not be used to tell a story. Blizzard could do that without the annoying leveling.

The level phase should not be used to tell a story. Blizzard could do that without the annoying leveling.

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Hence the question: Do we still need these level phases? Do you have to start from scratch with every WoW expansion? And is this ever long way to the maximum level still up to date? After all, the high level has so far deterred new players. Doing so would have World of Warcraft (buy now for € 30.64) to offer so much fun to newcomers in particular!

The levels quish should improve a lot, that Blizzard people promised us at BlizzCon 2019. All game content is squeezed together on 60 levels. When asked whether even this level phase is still necessary, the developers replied that on the way to the final level you can experience exactly the story in WoW that appeals to you in terms of taste. For me, the whole thing does not sound like a "can" but an obligation. Why can't you do without the levels and introduce a story mode, for example? After all, classic role-playing games had that too. In addition, the whole system would be timeless! This means that I can go into dungeons and raids with a hero at any time and experience the story that goes with every old and new expansion, comfortably and in peace. That would actually mean "more playful freedom"!

Hand on heart, we all know that even after the level quish there will be a certain and of course the fastest way to the new maximum level. I can already see the first heroes jumping from one classic expansion to the next in order to shorten the route as quickly as possible. So most of them won't even play through a classic addon. So why stick to the level phase and not completely abolish the whole level system?

What do you think? Are you annoyed by leveling too? Or can't you imagine an MMO without levels at all? Let us know in the comments!

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