of Susanne Braun
The developers of Piranha Bytes, as the people in charge at THQ Nordic announce, are working hard on Elex 2. The German SciFi role-playing game with a Gothic and Risen note takes you once again to the conflict-laden planet Magalan, where a lot has happened since your last adventure did.

Did you and Elex from the German development studio Piranha Bytes dare to take the scifi role-playing excursion to the alien planet Magalan, catapult yourselves through the air with your jetpack and face the dangers of the wild world? Have you been so excited about it that you want to return to Magalan? Perfect! Because the manufacturers of TH Nordic and the developers of Piranha Bytes have announced that they are working on Elex 2!

Scifi role-playing game from Germany

So it’s back to Magalan, a few years after the first Elex story. According to the official press release, the planet has had a few years of peace in which new factions and protagonists have had the chance to find their place in the world while old civilizations have come to an end.

“The attempts of the berserkers to green the planet again have borne fruit and after defeating the hybrids there is no longer any danger from the Albs. But our hero Jax knows of an even darker threat that is casting its shadow on Magalan and so on it is up to him to unite the peoples of Magalan and to face this darkness together “, write the developers. You can watch a first teaser trailer for this below.

Elex 2: The announcement trailer for the role-playing game by Piranha Bytes

Platform? (Almost all!

Although there is still no official date for Elex 2, it is already known that the scifi role-playing game for the PC (it can already be added to the wishlist via Steam), for the Sony consoles Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 as well as for the Xbox platforms One, X and S is being developed. Joy! Because in view of the shortage of current-gen consoles, the “old” devices still need a bit of food, right? Hopefully the versions will be treated with as much developer love as the newer ones.

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